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The DPX 30°

Our first of many products to come, the DPX 30° delivers a 30-degree diagonal field of view


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How it works

The DPX 30° diffractive waveguide display delivers a full-color AR experience via a large eye-box and wide field of view. Instead of just using your imagination, take a look at what is possible.


The combination of small incoupling, two-dimensional exit pupil expansion and large eye box allows you to create user-friendly AR eyewear with an ultra-compact form factor.

The DPX 30° Waveguide


Field of view 30 deg diagonal
Aspect ratio 16:9
Eye relief 20 mm
Eye box dimension 16 x 12 mm 4 mm pupil
Input pupil diameter 5 mm circular
Input pupil standoff 0.5 mm
Image focus distance infinity

LED centre wavelengths

Red 620 nm
Green 520 nm
Blue 460 nm
  • RGB full-color image
  • Compatible with DLP & LCOS engines
Efficiency 200 nit/lm waveguide/optical engine
MTF 15 lp/deg >45% contrast
Transmittance 82 % normal incidence
Contrast 1:60 ANSI white checkerboard

Optical engine

The DPX 30° optical engine offers good resolution combined with high efficiency in a small form factor – meaning brighter RGB images and longer battery life.

The DPX 30° Optical Engine



Projector type DLP
Field of view 30 deg
Image orientation landscape
Display resolution 854 x 480 p WVGA
Projection type color sequential
Flux at the exit pupil 15 lm/W
Dimensions 42 x 15 x 9 mm
Weight 9 g

Display module

Our module is a turnkey solution that combines our waveguide and optical engine to make it easy to develop your own AR eyewear product.


Field of view 30 deg diagonal
System resolution 854 x 480 p WVGA
Eye relief 20 mm
Efficiency 1500 nit/W
Input pupil diameter 5 mm
Refresh 120 Hz
Interface HDMI video

An AR and MR ready product

A cutting edge display solution for augmented
and mixed reality products


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