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The DPX waveguides

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The DPX30-50° Specs

Single-layer magic

Dispelix’s full-color and single-layer diffractive waveguides are compatible with LED and Laser projection technologies.


Our waveguide displays are customizable. We offer our customers a wide range of field of view options with various RGB display technologies such as DLP, LCoS, microLED, and laser scanning.

Waveguides for LED

The DPX 30-50° waveguides deliver bright and sharp AR imagery with supreme color balance. The DPX 30-50° waveguides are compatible with DLP, LCoS and microLED based projectors. A unique feature of the DPX 30-50° waveguide design is its ability to deliver multiple fields of view. The field of view is determined by the projector used with the waveguide.


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Waveguides for Laser

Our laser beam scanning compatible waveguides, Dispelix DPX LBS, are the benchmark of the thinnest and lightest full-color waveguides in the industry. The waveguide design is fully integrated with RGB laser beam scanning projector solutions from our technology partners, delivering performance required for all day wearable AR glasses without sacrificing image quality.


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