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The best displays for AR eyewear

We create the world’s thinnest full-color displays for near-eye augmented reality


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Your display

For years, many have tried to develop a see-through, near-eye display technology that combines beautiful design, excellent image quality and scalable mass production with high yields. At Dispelix, we’ve figured it out.

  • Thin & light display

  • Bright & sharp image

  • High-yield manufacturing

Create AR eyewear that
everyone wants to wear

With our displays, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for design. We make it possible to create AR eyewear that looks like normal glasses – and still offers an amazing AR experience.

  • Large field of view

  • Excellent color balance

  • Highly see-through gratings

Our product

The DPX 30°

A full spectrum of visible light in a single waveguide. The DPX 30° waveguide display delivers a 30-degree diagonal field of view. The DPX 30° is also available as a waveguide display module with optical engine included.


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