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Our technology

Diffractive waveguides

Our displays are based on patented and proprietary diffractive surface relief gratings fabricated on high refractive index glass wafers. For grating fabrication, we use nanoimprinting and other proven mass manufacturing methods.

Waveguide design

To ensure both, high performance and high-yield mass manufacturing of our displays, we use self-developed algorithms and parallel computing for diffractive waveguide design and optimization. We implement challenging designs better and faster than anyone else.


R&D fabrication

If a display cannot be manufactured according to the design specification, it’s worthless. Our R&D fabrication team is responsible for verifying the performance and manufacturability of each waveguide design architecture for mass production.

Mass manufacturing

Manufacturing of waveguide displays is carried out by our strategic partners specialized in mass production of nanophotonics components. Their significant mass production capacity can meet the needs of fast-growing AR eyewear markets.

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